Festive Season Delights

A celebration with Karen Blixen Group

Christmass Tree

Welcome to a Wonderland of Festive Delight

As the air turns crisp and the spirit of joy blankets the world, join us in celebrating the most magical time of the year at Karen Blixen Group.

Our Festive Season Program promises to immerse you in a culinary journey, filled with delectable treats and unforgettable moments.

Mark your calendars and get ready for a feast of flavors and festivities!

Christmas Festive Feasts

Monday, 25th December 2023

Elevate your Christmas Day with a Special
Christmas Brunch

Hattons sets the stage with a Christmas Day Set Menu at Kshs. 9,500/-, featuring a complimentary welcome drink.

As evening falls, indulge in our Sumptuous Four Course Set Menu for Kshs. 9,500/- at your favorite spot; Hattons, Babette’s, Atrium, or the Garden Restaurant, complete with a Complimentary welcome cocktail for all diners.

Tuesday, 26th December 2023

Revel in the festivities with a Barbeque Buffet
at the Garden Restaurant

Ala Carte Menu temptations await at the Hattons Lounge Conclude the day with an Ala Carte Dinner available in all outlets.

New Year Festive Feasts

Sunday, 31st December 2023 New Year’s Eve

Bid farewell to the year with a spectacular Barbeque
Buffet at the Garden Restaurant, featuring a Glass of Sparkling Wine Kshs 10,000/= 


Hattons offers a Set Menu for Lunch at Kshs 9,500/= while the night comes alive with a Barbeque Dinner in the Gardens/Babette’s, accompanied by a Live Band performance at the Atrium. Kshs.10,000/=

Monday, 1st January 2024 New Year’s Day

Welcome the New Year with a Brunch and a complementary glass of sparkling wine/mimosa at Kshs.9,500/=. 

Hattons continues the celebration with a Set Menu at Kshs. 9,500/=
and Ala Carte Menu temptations await in all outlets
for Dinner.

Year End Celebration Packages

Elevate Your Year-End Celebrations with Our Exclusive Packages!

Atrium Glass House:

Dive into luxury with exclusive hire for up to 40 pax. Experience a culinary masterpiece with a curated menu tailored to your taste, preference, and budget. Choose from lavish Buffet and Set Menus, starting from just Kshs. 7,000.

Enjoy the skyline views and the rhythm of background music, all while relishing discounted beverage packages and a 15% off on Liquor by the Bottle


Unleash the festivities with exclusive hire for up to 200 pax. Opt for the sizzle of a Barbeque or the elegance of a buffet with menu selections starting from Kshs. 3,500. Delight in discounted beverage packages and a 15% off on Liquor by the Bottle.

Year End Celebration Packages


For a touch of sophistication, exclusively hire Babette’s for up to 75 pax. Perfect for a formal dinner setting, enjoy the cozy ambience by the fireplace. Indulge in your choice of Buffet, Set Menu, or Barbeque options, starting from Kshs. 5,500. Revel in a 15% off on Liquor by the Bottle to enhance your celebration.

Hattons Lounge:

Create an intimate gathering with exclusive hire for up to 30 pax at Hattons Lounge. The inviting fireplace sets the mood as you indulge in a Buffet or Set Menu starting from Kshs. 5,500. Immerse yourself in the background music and enjoy a 15% off on Liquor by the Bottle to make your celebration truly memorable.

Year End Celebration Packages

Celebrate in Style, Elegance, and Exclusivity – Because Your Moments Deserve the Best!

charismas flier

Entertainment for the festive period.

  1. Friday 22nd December 2023- Jazz Band
  2. Saturday 23rd December 2023– Four piece band at the Garden over lunch time
  3. Sunday 24th December 2023- Christmas Carols
  4. Monday 25th December 2023- Christmas Carols
  5. Friday 29th December 2023- Jazz band
  6. Saturday 30th December 2023  –Jazz Band
  7. Sunday 31st December 2023- Jazz band and Four piece band
  8. 1st January 2024- Jazz band

Kids entertainment

  1. Canvas Painting- Chargeable @ Kshs.600/- per child
  2. Pottery / Pot painting- Chargeable @Kshs.600/- per child
  3. Stem activities- Chargeable @ Kshs.800/- per child
  4. Face Painting  @ Kshs.200/- per child
  5. Balloon Modelling – FREE
  6. Treasure Hunt – FREE
  7. Football- FREE

Festive Menu



Clear seafood soup with lemongrass
Light cream of broccoli with a touch of coconut milk


Cucumber, tomato, lettuce, carrots, French beans, sweet potatoes, capsicum
French bean with tomatoes & onions, steamed zucchini with raisins
Arrow root and sweet corn, pumpkin & Cubed capsicum, Hawaiian, carrots steamed with
leeks, Kimchi-Garden pea with cubed carrots,


Green olives, black olive, gherkins, capers, pickled onions
Cocktail sauce, tartar sauce, mustard & honey dressing, vinaigrette, balsamic, French dressing


Seafood ceviche, beef carpaccio, dressed roast leg of
lamb, turkey and date roulade, grilled veg terrine, caprese,
blue, cheddar & red highland cheese.



Grilled marinated fillet of king fish
Grilled tiger prawns, baby lobster


Steamed rice, Hawaiian rice
Garlic and thyme boulangere potatoes
veg wellington,
broccoli, carrots, baby corn, French beans


Beef sirloin steaks with pepper sauce
Whole roast goat & (Lamb curry)


Cassava in coconut, paneer samosa
Chapati, beans in coconut dal bajhia,
Viazi vya karai, Vitumbua, chilli paneer
Mixed greens, stewed minji, veg jalfrezi


Pastas …..Spaghetti, penne, fusilli
Sauces…….pomodoro, creamed sauce, Bolognese, chicken,
Julienne’s……Tomatoes, green peppers, sliced onion, zucchini, and carrots, mushroom
Parmesan cheese, fresh basil, black pepper, salt, garlic, ginger, olive oil


Strawberry & passion, chocolate & vanilla
Orange & lime, vanilla &coffee, Mango
&chocolate, coffee & pineapple
crème brulee, panaccota,
chilled cheese cake,


 Strawberry & passion, chocolate & vanilla
Orange & lime, vanilla &coffee,
Mango &chocolate, coffee & pineapple
crème brulee, panaccota,chilled cheese cake

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